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In the Netherlands, the possibilities with regard to the taking of sports bets fairly limited. Because there is only one legal provider in the Netherlands and that is the Toto. The Toto is currently still the sole right to offer sports betting. However, this is contrary to law, because foreign bookmakers are currently excluded. On this page we would like to better inform you about the sale and supply of Toto.

The Toto is part of the Lotto lottery organization. The offer consists mainly of betting on football, but you can also bet on baseball, tennis and soccer. Bets can be closed via the website of the Toto, or a visit to one of the outlets. The most common outlets are the post office and the cigars farmers like Primer. There you through a form to fill out your predictions then after settling a coupon to get along.

For several years, it is also possible to go online on the website of the Toto betting. For this you need to create an account. Then you can deposit money via Papal, MasterCard or Visa to your account to complete.

On the site you can select which games you want to gamble. In general, the range of selectable from Toto, Toto score, Toto 13 and Toto tip. The minimum bet is € 1 and the maximum bet is € 22 (except Toto 13). Furthermore, you are required to select at Toto minimum of 3 games to select.

Unfortunately there are some restrictions apply when playing along with Toto. So you as a player 29% gaming tax payable for amounts above € 454. By participating in the Toto support you several charities, including the Diabetes Fund and the Kidney Foundation.

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