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The best method for judging online casinos in 2014

If you don’t use a method to choose your online casino then you’re doomed from the very beginning. Like banks, mortgage providers, insurance companies and even supermarkets, you select a product of which you are willing to part money. These decisions must not be taken lightly. Hundreds of thousands of players join new casinos every month without even batting an eyelid; just imagine what these people are missing out on. Team covertcasino uses the 5 check method for identifying gambling websites which are suitable for players in 2014.


Check one is the sites history. Whilst new casinos may carry the more rewarding bonuses and the favourable offers, you just can’t dig deep on thin history. Getting into bed with a total stranger as apposed to the girl you’ve known since high school has its ups and downs. Casinos that have been around for a while have weathered their security systems, have proven big payouts and have gained reputation.


Speaking of reputation that’s team coverts second check, they use a variety of tools and forums to trace casinos with possible loose ends. If you know a sites history then you know its reputation, so finding a good reputation is very important too. Check number 3 is the deposit bonus and the loyalty package associated with the casino. Here you’re looking for a good welcome that’s not too stringent on the play through bonuses and wagering requirements, you also want bonuses next month and next year too, not just the day you join up.


Covert casino believe solid playability is vital when choosing a reputable operator, so there’s no surprise that check off number four is all about the games. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life bouncing around websites and knocking off deposit bonuses because of thin gaming portfolios, you want variety and lots of it. Casinos which use multiple software providers for their platforms will stand the test of time with greater game selections.


Check 5 is still about games, but not just any of them. Progressive slots are considered the most powerful weapon of a casinos arsenal which is linked to extensive promotions and large jackpot totals often worth millions. You can also use progressives to measure a sites success. The more progressive slots will mean that the site is generally trusted by partners, is highly recognised within the industry and is willing to offset player profits by investing in greater games. Next time you think about registering, do nothing without these five checks first.

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